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Healthcare activist, Dr. Frank Nice, is the grandson and son of Polish coal miners who immigrated to Pennsylvania.  Because of his ancestors’ hard and dangerous work, he was the first in his extended family to graduate from college.  

Dr. Nice retired after 43 years of government service, including 30 years of distinguished service with the US Public Health Service and Coast Guard, 29 years at the National Institutes of Health, and 5 years at the Food and Drug Administration.  During his uniformed service, Dr. Nice served as Operations Officer and Pharmacist for the original, prototype Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT).  He currently is self-employed as a consultant and President of Nice Breastfeeding LLC and President of Dr. Nice Products LLC.

Pharmacist Nice has practiced as a consultant, lecturer, and author in the breastfeeding community on medication use for over 45 years.  As part of his pharmacy advocacy work, Dr. Nice has researched the use of power, epilepsy treatments, medical missions, work characteristics of healthcare professionals, and health disparities in underserved populations.  

Dr. Nice has published the following books detailing his life experiences in Montgomery County, the United States, and in Haiti, in addition to providing breastfeeding counseling on medication use for healthcare professionals and families around the world:

Haiti Beyond Belief

Why Did God Seat Me Next To The Toilet?

Nonprescription Drugs for the Breastfeeding Mother (First and Second Editions with Third Edition in process)

The Galactagogue Recipe Book

Recreational Drugs And Drugs Used To Treat Addicted Mothers: Impact On Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

SOS  Need Pierogi Desperately!  The Coronavirus Snackdown Smackdown Lockdown (in process)

Dr. Nice has organized over 70 medical missions to Haiti and has been on the ground in Haiti 24 times.  During his time in Haiti, he founded and continues to support a school and orphanage for 550 students, including over 50 orphans.  Frank is currently supporting 20 students to attend college in Haiti for the first time ever as he knows these students are the hope for Haiti in their divisive times.

Dr. Nice’s vision for Legislative District 19 is also to give hope to our citizens in our divisive times.  His goal is to lead with reason based on common sense to establish a common ground between our government and its citizens.  We do not expect those who lead us to tell us what is best for us as we already know what is best for us.  Common sense as individuals gives us common ground as communities.  Common sense and reason must guide our government to ensure the safety and security of the rights of the minority, the underserved, and of our community as a whole


Authority: Citizens for Frank Nice
Treasurer: James Appel